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Dungeons & Dragons Online Rest for the Restless

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NameRest for the Restless
Starts at NPC:Lady Nepenthe
Starts in Zone:Bogwater Tavern
Quest LengthMedium
Raid Quest?No
Patron Favor AwardedHouse Phiarlan
Solo: 3
Normal: 6
Hard: 9
Grants temporary access to zone(s):Vault Of The Restless
Related zone(s):House Phiarlan
Related mob(s):
Base XP935
ObjectivesDestroy The Skeleton Warrior Crafted From Lady Nepenthe's Son
Optional Objectives
  • Send 6 Skeleton Mages To Their Rest(60)
  • Slay The Eater(60)
  • Not Repeatable?No
    DescriptionThis Quest Is Given By Lady Nepenthe In The Bogwater Tavern Of House Phiarlan. It Sends You To The Vault Of The Restless. It Is Targeted At A Group Of Players.

    At Points Of This Quest You Will Enter A Room And The Gates Will Close Down Behind You. They Will Not Re-open Until The Room Has Been Cleared Of Monsters. So Be Sure To Move As A Party And Not With One Person Charging In.

    There Is Also A Room That Features A Puzzle That Is Required To Progress Further.You Must Turn The Valves To Match Up The Pattern. When This Is Done Correctly All Six Lights Will Be Lit Up And The Gate Will Open.

    This Quest NEEDS Two People To Complete It. There Is A Room With A Two Entrances And A Wheel, Use The Wheel To Close The Two Exits And Fight A Couple Of Undead. This Opens A Later Portcullis That You Need To Pass. A Hireling Will Also Work.

    Eventually You Come To The Skeleton Of Nepenthe's Son. Killing Him Will Complete The Mission.

    You Can Gain Optional Experience By Slaying 6 Arcane Skeletons Or Slaying Eater.
    Map of Vault of the Restless


    Chest <2010-01-10 03:43:05>
    Pujah <Guest>Is there a chest after defeating the final boss?

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