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Dungeons & Dragons Online Mark of the Dragon

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NameMark of the Dragon
Starts at NPC:Lockania
Starts in Zone:Stormreach Marketplace
Quest LengthShort
Raid Quest?No
Grants temporary access to zone(s):Hall Of The Mark
  • Pass The Test
  • Discover Your Bloodline
Not Repeatable?No
DescriptionThis Quest Allows You To Obtain Your Dragonmark. Speak To Lockania In The Stormreach Marketplace, And Then Walk Inside And Speak To Her Again.

She Will Give You A Series Of Questions. We Would Like To Compile A List Of All Of The Proper Answers To These.

Some Of The Questions And Answers Of This Quest:

Q. Which Now-lost Mark Appeared With The Mark Of Shadow?
A. Mark Of Death

Q. Which House Is The Greatest Military Power?
A. House Deneith

Q. What House Created The Lightning Vail And Warforged?
A. House Cannith

Q. Who Operates The Courier's Guild And Lightning Rail?
A. House Orien

Q. What Two Guilds Are Operated B House Deneith?
A. Defenders And Blademarks

Q. Which Race Wears The Mark Of Healing?
A. Halflings

Q. What Is House Phiarlan's Secret Business?
A. Espionage

Q. What Power Does The Mark Of Passage Grant?
A. Teleport

Q. House Kundarak Is Responsible For What Service?
A. Banking

Q: Where Did House Jorasco Finally Settle?
A: Karnath

Q: What Spell-like Ability Does The Greater Mark Of Passage Grant
A: Teleport

Q: When Did The Mark Of Warding Appear, And Amongst Whom?
A: 2500 Years Ago, Dwarves

Q: Which Skill Does The Mark Of Making Give?
A: Repairing

The Person Whom You Need To Speak With, "Fred", Is Located In The House Jorasco Ward. House Jorasco Is Located At The Very North Of The Auction Area In Stormreach (there Are Gates You Must Go Through).

Once In House Jorasco, Try To Look For A Garden (it Will Look Well Kept). Fred Is Located Underneath The Garden (it Will Be Raised From The Ground Somewhat).

To Get To Fred From The Mark Of The Dragon Quest Lady: Open Your Map And Look At The Bottom Left Section Of Stormreach For A Greenstar That Says The Market. Go There And You'll Now Be In Stormreach Marketplace. Now Head Over To The North East Corner By A Green Stay Which Says House Jorasco Enclave, Go In There. Now You Need To Look Around And Soon You Will Find A Giant Portal Called The Teleporter, To The Left Of That Is A Giant Garden. Go Down The Slope Under The Garden And Fred Is There. All It Lets You Do Is Change Feats.
Map of Hall of the Mark


Q&A <2008-01-31 04:49:34>
Lithyia <Guest>Here are the answers to the questions I got: Q. Which now-lost mark appeared with the mark of Shadow? A. Mark of Death Q. Which House is the greatest military power? A. House Deneith Q. What House created the lightning vail and warforged? A. House Cannith Q. Who operates the Courier's Guild and lightning rail? A. House Orien Q. What two Guilds are operated b House Deneith? A. Defenders and Blademarks Q. Which race wears the Mark of Healing? A. Halflings

Q&A 2 <2008-03-24 04:02:24>
Tsara <Guest>More Answers: Q. What is House Phiarlan's secret business? A. Espionage Q. What power does the Mark of Passage grant? A. Teleport Q. House Kundarak is responsible for what service? A. Banking

Q&A <2008-04-14 03:27:59>
Tintagel <Guest>Coupe more: What spell-like ability does the Greater Mark of Passage grant - Teleport When did the Mark of Warding Appear, and amongst whom? - 2500 years ago, Dwarves

Q&A <2008-04-14 03:27:59>
Tintagel <Guest>Yet another:- Where did House Jorasco finally settle? Karnath

<2008-05-17 04:48:31>
Mecury <Guest>Which Skill Does the Mark of Making improve? - Reparing

another question <2008-09-04 04:31:16>
Shinnokk <Guest>Q: Which skill does the Mark of Making give A: Repairing

Questions <2008-09-11 04:08:55>
Mike <Guest>when did the mark of warding appear, and amongst whom? - 2500 Years ago and dwarven

dragonmark <2009-01-07 04:45:38>
dustin <Guest>hi i went the hall of the mark done that then she tells you to talk to sum guy in j house...cant find him i want to kno how to get my dragonamrk thanks ..

<2009-03-03 03:45:10>
Orrore <Guest>i got the questions right, but now i kant get my dragonmark

<2009-09-10 05:50:17>
Redian Dorrel <Guest>The person whom you need to speak with, &quot;Fred&quot;, is located in the House Jorasco ward. House Jorasco is located at the very north of the auction area in Stormreach (there are gates you must go through). Once in House Jorasco, try to look for a garden (it will look well kept). Fred is located underneath the garden (it will be raised from the ground somewhat). Hope this helps. Oh and, you need some ingredients in order to obtain a Dragonmark, I think. I haven&#039;t seen him since the beta ended.

DM <2009-09-20 02:29:17>
Depleted <Guest>To get to fred from the mark of the dragon quest lady: open your map and look at the bottom left section of stormreach for a greenstar that says the market, go there and you&#039;ll now be in stormreach marketplace, now head over to the north east corner by a green stay which says house jorasco enclave, go in there. now you need to look around and soon you will find a giant portal called the teleporter, to the left of that is a Giant garden, go down the slope under the garden and fred is there. All it lets you do is change feats.

<2009-10-07 11:28:26>
Shadow <Guest>If you replace one of your current feats, you can select a dragonmark feat as a replacement. No ingredients, as far as I saw.

Lockania Moved <2009-10-30 08:18:35>
Drezaem <Guest>Lockania has been moved from The Harbor to The Market. She&#039;s in the northern portion west of the Auctioneer. Guess it makes it easier to find the House Enclave.

about the dragon marks <2009-11-20 01:53:44>
confused <Guest>What all determines which one you can get? I have done this quest twice with two identical characters, and was given two different dragon marks. Anyone know if there is a way to change the one offered?

Different Dragon Marks <2009-11-22 04:12:23>
Diablom <Guest>Each race has it&#039;s own Dragonmark, since certain dragonmarks originally appeared on certain races. For example, if you&#039;ve chosen Dwarf, you&#039;ll get the Dragonmark of Warding, because it originally appeared on Dwarves.

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