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Dungeons & Dragons Online Dirty Laundry

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NameDirty Laundry
Starts at NPC:Guard Kaycl
Starts in Zone:Stormreach Marketplace
Quest LengthLong
Raid Quest?No
Patron Favor AwardedThe Coin Lords
Grants temporary access to zone(s):Shiny Shilling
Related mob(s):
Base XP793
  • Slay The Syndicate Money Launderers (0/3)
  • Activate The Levers To The False Bookcase
Optional ObjectivesOpen The Strongroom Without Alerting Guards(48)
Not Repeatable?No
DescriptionThis Quest Is Given By Guard Kayd In The Marketplace, And Is One Of The Quests Required For The Sharn Syndicate Series. There Is A Solo Option.

Your Object Is To Slay The Three Syndicate Money Launderers. They Are Named Washers. One Is In The First Main Room, And The Other Two Vary. They Can Be On Either Sides Of The Fork, But Only One Side Will Typically Be Open Per Instance Unless You Are On Elite Mode.

The Dungeon Is Populated With Various Forms Of Syndicates.

In The First Room There Is A Door Which Only Opens When You Open Both Levers (one On Each Side). One Room Further Ahead There Is The Same Ordeal, With A Bookcase Hidden Door. In This Room The Levers Are More Cleverly Hidden Though, Behind The Drapes In The Room.

As You Move Past This, You Reach A Door That You Must Bash Down By Attacking It. Directly On The Other Side Of That Door Are Spike Traps In The Floor.

Beyond This Is A T Junction With A Rest Shrine. It Is Normal For One Of The Two Sides Paths Here To End In A Locked Door, Though Which Side May Change.

You Can Gain Optional Experience By Opening The Strongroom Without Alerting The Guards. You Do This By Using The Barel Casks. Their Locations May Change But It's Generally Hidden In Between The Destroyable Barrels.
Map of Shiny Shilling


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