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Dungeons & Dragons Online Delera's Tomb: The Missing Party

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NameDelera's Tomb: The Missing Party
Starts at NPC:Colam Mersein
Starts in Zone:Delera's Graveyard
Quest LengthVery Long
Raid Quest?No
Patron Favor AwardedHouse Jorasco
Solo: 6
Normal: 12
Hard: 18
Grants temporary access to zone(s):Delera's Tomb: The Missing Party
Related zone(s):House Jorasco
Related NPC(s):
Related mob(s):
Base XP4458
ObjectivesFind Jael's Journal
Optional Objectives
  • Slay Omaren Assassin(120)
  • Slay Omaren Ecclesiast(120)
  • Slay Omaren Pugilist(120)
  • Slay Omaren Magus(160)
  • Slay Omaren Sniper(120)
  • Slay Omaren Executioner(120)
  • Slay The Omaren Guardians(160)
  • Not Repeatable?No
    DescriptionThis Is The Second Quest In The Delera's Tomb Series. It Is Given By Colam Mersein In Delera's Graveyard.

    Your Objective Is To Find Jael's Journal. This Can Be Found In The Far Southeast Room (#6), After Killing The Delera Omaren. Along The Way There Are Numerous Traps, And Many Of The Rooms Will Shut Their Gates Behind The First Person Who Ventures More Than A Couple Steps Into The Room. As A Result It Is Recommended That You Enter Rooms With Gates Together, And Not With One Person Rushing In Alone.

    This Dungeon Is Exclusively Populated With Undead, So Clerics And Paladins Are A Big Plus.

    When You Flip The Switch At Point #3 On Our Map, Undead Will Spawn Behind You. Be Ready To Fight Them.

    There Are Numerous Omarens Who Can Be Killed For Optional Experience, With An Additional Bit Of Optional Experience If You Slay Them All.

    Perhaps The Most Difficult To Find Of The Optional Experiecne Bosses Is The Omaren Executioner And Pugilist. They Are Through A Water Tunnel That Requires Water Breathing To Reach. You Must Leave Two Players Behind To Activate The Switches To Open The Underwater Gates. They Must Flip Between These To Open The Gates. On The Other Side You Can Find These Two Bosses And Respawning Skeletons.
    Map of Delera's Tomb: The Missing Party


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