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Dungeons & Dragons Online The Church and the Cult Quest Guide

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NameThe Church and the Cult Quest Guide
One of the few quests where Clerics can shine using their offensive spells would be The Church And The Cult. It's a level 9 quest that can be very challenging and the melee types may find themselves not quite able to hit the final boss, which is a Vampire. DDO players know how tricky it is to slay a Vampire. If you think Wraiths are such a pain because they go incorporeal, Vampires are even tougher to get hold off because they de-materialize often. And when you think you're about to deal massive damage, they just disappear and continue to wreak havoc to the party.

Anyway, that's one problem you'd have to deal with towards the end of the quest. The first thing you have to do is go to House Phiarlan and get the quest from Inquisitor Lightbringer. He's the guy just near the Auctioneer and the Bard Trainer at The Player Dais (which is just above the Golden Wing Inn). You then have to enter the Temple of Vol, where the fun starts.

Once you enter the Temple of Vol, start buffing up with all the resists (Fire and Cold are requirements), AC-enhancing spells, temporary hitpoints, and other buffs that you usually use before a fight. The cultists in this quest will cast spells on you, so it's best to cast spell resistance or wear items that will give you that same amount of protection. Poison immunity items would also help for those Cloud Kills that will be cast on you. Also, There are some nasty traps that will kill the squishies almost instantly, so a Rogue would be nice to have in the party. For the Cleric (or Clerics, if the party wants to have more than one), these spells should be memorized (among other things): Remove Blindness, Searing Light, Nimbus of Light, Dispel, Fire and Cold Resist and Protection, Remove Paralysis, Death Ward, and Protection from Evil. Searing Light has a long cooldown time, so it's best to get some wands so the Cleric can easily cast on the Vampire in the final fight.

To better understand what the quest is all about, here is the list of objectives:

Defeat the Temple Guardian
Examine the book on the pedestal
Find and consecrate the Altar of Fernia
Find and consecrate the Altar of Risia
Defeat Adrian ir'Karsmore

After buffing, you can move on and you'd find a door that leads you to the Church. There'll be no fight in this area, but if you speak to the priest, a wall on the left side would open up and reveal Arcane Blackbone. He's not much of a threat unless he casts Cloud Kill. Tanks can easily get rid of him. After killing him, you can head on to the opening where he came out and you'd find an apprentice of Vol. He poses no grave danger so quickly slay him and move on to the wall to your right. It's a secret door that will lead you to a hallway. Be very careful walking this path as there will be a bunch of cultists (casters) and Wraiths. As the hallway is quite narrow, Wall of Fire and Solid Fog will definitely make fighting these mobs less painful.

At the end of the hallway, turn right. You'd also find a couple of Blackbone Thralls. There is a secret door in the wall, which houses the only shrine in the quest. At this point, there's really no need a shrine. It's better to save it before the last fight. Just note that you have to clear the shrine of cultists before you can rest.

If you move to the left of the shrine you'd find a path that will lead you to a room where the book on the pedestal is located. The room has a nasty spike trap in addition to a bunch of cultists and apprentices. It's also in this area where the named cultist Leinar Moonwillow appears. Kill him and you get extra XP. He's not too tough at all and in fact vulnerable to some spells. He's just there to delay you from examining the book.

Once you examine the book, the walls on the right and left side would open up. It's up to the party which side they want to go first. The left side would lead you to the "Fire Hall". Make sure your fire resist and fire protect are still up. The fire traps can be disabled, but trying to disable them while being attacked by zombies, cultists, and apprentices could be very challenging. As this is the Fire Hall, you'd expect to see the Element of Fernia, escorted by a bunch of fire mephits. Cold spells will do wonders on these mobs. Once the area is cleared, look for the rune on the far wall and activate it.

Moving on to the right side, you'd find yourself in a hall with a different weather. Welcome to the "Ice Hall". There are Ice traps and winter wolves plus the usual gang of cultists and apprentices guarding the hallway. This hall is home to the Element of Risia and the ice mephits. There's also a rune that you need to activate on the wall. Once you do, Blackbone Thralls will spawn.

When both runes are used, the center wall of the room where the book rests will open up. This is your gateway to the vampire named Adrian ir'Karsmore. But before you can actually face him, you have to deal with a bunch of wraiths, cultists, and apprentices heading to the northern hall. There are also force traps in the area. The good thing about this force trap is that it can be used against the mobs. Use them to your advantage by leading the cultists to the traps. After the hallway is cleared, head to the gate, which leads to a big room full of mobs. Once you kill them all (wraiths, cultists, thralls, apprentices), brace yourselves for one hell of a fight.

Adrian is one tough Vampire because he's got some nasty spells in his arsenal. Don't be surprised if you get hit by Domination, Flamestrike, Dispel Magic, Paralyze, Say Living, or Blindness (among other things). Add the fact that he disappears from sight and materializes in another spot make him more difficult to hit. Tanks can almost try to box him in and deal damage, and while the tanks are swinging with their axes, the Clerics can use Searing Light and Nimbus Light (spell and wands, alternately). Bards can also damage them with cure spells. Wall of Fire works too because it can hurt him when he materializes in an area filled with fire. When he takes the form of bats, it means he's regenerating and he can't be attacked. It might take a long time to kill him if he keeps regenerating, so make sure you deal damage with melee and spells in synchronized fashion. That way, Adrian's health bar will go down before he regenerates.

Casters from the party have also tried casting Globe of Invulnerability and the squishies and clerics would have to stand next to it so that they can't be too vulnerable to attacks. It works great, but the healers won't be able to heal you if you're within the area of effect of the globe.

Once you kill the vampire, you can now have access to two chests. The chests here drop some nice items including Cloak of Shadows (+7 Hide, +7 Move Silent, +2 Protection), Silver Bow, and Bloodplate (+2 Deathblock Full Plate).

After you get your loot, finish out, and talk to Inquisitor Lightbringer for your end reward.


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