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Dungeons & Dragons Online Sorrowdusk Isle: Grey Moon Waning Guide

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NameSorrowdusk Isle: Grey Moon Waning Guide
Sorrowdusk Isle is home to two of the quest series frequented by mid- to high-level players: Grey Moon and Cult of the Six. Upon completing the Grey Moon series, you will then advance to the Cult of the Six series.

Sorrowdusk Isle is quite a large area and it's easy to lose your way if you wander away from the group. And the painful part of being away from the group (even if momentarily) is facing hell hounds, ogres and scorpions all by your lonesome self. It's likely you'd survive, but you've probably lose precious hit points even before you reach the actual quest site. So, the important thing is to stick together and memorize the area, or at least the path to where you need to go.

To start this outdoor quest, head to House Deneith. Talk to Brother Mirashai who'll then get you to the boat headed for Sorrowdusk Island. Once inside, talk to Brother Mirashai so he can resurrect you in the boat in case you die battling ogres and hell hounds. You'll also meet Kestinia Lei the provisioner so you can quickly replenish your hit points and spell points.

To get to Sorrowdusk, talk to Kurvic the Hound who'll then transport you to the Island. Once in the Island, head north and talk to Bruku, the Elder of Grey Moon. He'll give you the first quest in the series: Grey Moon Waning: Freeing Achka. Your primary objective is to acquire the key to Achka's Cell so that Achka can be rescued from his cell. You can start the quest by heading to the Mine Shaft (west of Bruku). Once inside, head northwest to the room of the Ogre Leader who hold's the key to Achka's cell. Grab it and head back out and move north to the cell. Along the way, you'd find a bridge with trap. Ask a Rogue to disable the trap. If you don't have a rogue, you can use haste and a really good timing to get past the bridge. This is not recommended but if there's no Rogue around, it's the next best thing.

After passing the bridge, continue to head north. On to the west is a chest guarded by a named hellhound (Flamefang). Kill and loot then head north to Achka's cell. Use the key you got earlier to open the cell. Once openend, Earth Elementals will start attacking. Defeat them and finish out. Head back to Bruku to advance to the next quest: Grey Moon Waning: Justice for Grust

This quest also takes place in the same zone, but you'd be walking deeper into the area and more encounters with the Trollish kind are to be expected. Here are the primary objectives of the quest:

Acquire Key to Grust's Lair
Slay Grust the Usurper
Slay Lord Grust's trollish allies

For additional XP, you can complete the following optional objectives:

Slay Chief Grank
Slay Corrosion
Slay Champion Preinyl

Start the same way as you did with the first quest. This time, you'd have to move further to the east. Be mindful of the same trapped bridge as well as several trolls along the way. You'd also encounter nasty scorpions.

The key to Grust's Lair is with the Troll Shaman. You need to kill him so he'd drop the key. Once you get the key, continue to move east. Prepare for a troll ambush, which signifies you are nearing Grust's lair. Loot the chest. Before finishing out, you might want to go back west then south to use the shrine for the next quest. Talk to Bruku again to advance to the next quest: The Trollish Scourge

The third quest in the series takes place in a different zone. This time you'd have to head east of Bruku to reach the Grey Moon's Den. The number of trolls and scorpions in this quest has significantly increased, so prepare for some intense battles ahead. So you wouldn't suffer from depleting hit points during encounters, make sure that you wait for the trolls to attack near the door. A ranger and a caster can do damage and crowd control from a far while frontline combatants attack. If members are spread apart, it'll be tough to heal them and it'll be tougher to defeat the trolls.

The primary and optional objectives of the quest are as follow:

Slay the troll chief, Hammerfist
Slay all of Hammerfist's trolls
(Optional) Kill the ogre collaborators (15)
(Optional) Slay Shaman Hurpostaw
(Optional) Slay Quartermaster Drant

The beauty of the this quest is you'd have to explore the lower areas in order to kill Hammerfist's trolls. Along the way, you'd meet some of the ogre collaborators. While you clear certain areas of monsters, you'd have completed slaying all 15 ogre collaborators. You'd know you're nearing Hammerfist's lair when you reach an intersection. If you're running low on mana or hit points, you can head to the left room to shrine. Heading north will lead you to chest with spike traps. There's really no need to disable it as you can loot it from a distance. If you'd rather skip it (highly unlikely!), you can head east then north to reach the bridge. This bridge is heavily trapped but you can use this to your group's advantage. Have someone aggro Hammerfist so he'd walk the bridge and get some damage until he reaches the end of the bridge. Only then you can start whacking him to death. Once he's down, you'd want to loot the chest on the other side of the trapped bridge. Ask a Rogue to disable the traps then you can loot the chest.

Finish out and talk to Bruku (yet again) to advance to the next quest: Grey Moon Waning: Extermination

The final quest in the Grey Moon series has the following objectives:

Search the Grey Moon Den for whoever is leading the trolls
Slay Brother Qessul, Dark Cleric
(Optional) Exterminate the last of the trolls
(Optional) Slay Blizzard
(Optional) Slay Shaman Yarsnak
(Optional) Slay Darksting

The quest uses the same zone as the Trollish Scourge so you'd already be familiar with the area. Make your way to the trapped bridge. It wouldn't be too easy because you'd encounter quite a number of trolls who'll stop you on your tracks. Across the bridge stands Blizzard, which you will kill for that extra XP. Again, you can aggro him so he'd cross the trapped bridge. Have a rogue disable the traps so you all can get the loot across.

Brother Qessul, the Dark Cleric can be found on the northernmost part of the zone that was inaccessible in the previous quest. The area around Qessul is filled with trolls. Clear the trolls first as well as a named monster called Darksting. After killing him, go to the center pillar where the Dark Cleric is. He's a meanie because he casts damaging spells in different directions. It's important to kill him as quickly as possible so you can minimize the damage he deals to the party. After killing him, loot the chest and finish out. Talk to Bruku again to get your reward. To advance to the Cult of the Six quest series, you have to speak to him again. You then can head to another zone to speak with Lord Hragg.


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