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Dungeons & Dragons Online Sorcerer Build Guide

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NameSorcerer Build Guide
Ever since DDO's launch, the dev team has been constantly churning out new content and features to make the game even more appealing to players. With the recent release of Module 3: Demon Sands, several new feats and spells were introduced that will change your character's build or progression, especially if you are close to reaching levels 11 and 12.

If you've been spending your free time lurking at the Skryer forums, you'd probably read about building a Bard that fits your playstyle, or the how to create a perfect Cleric . At this point, let's turn our focus on another class known for their flare in spellcasting - Sorcerers.

As with other characters, building your Sorcerer involves planning, depending on the role you'll play in the group. Clearly, a Sorcerer uses fewer spells than a Wizard, but that doesn't mean they always play the second fiddle. The main appeal of a Sorcerer is ability to cast spells faster. No need to learn nor prepare the spells. And in the words of DDO, "They have no books, no mentors, no theories...just raw power that they direct at will."


Main Abilities
As with a Bard, a Sorcerer's main ability is Charisma (CHA). The more you have of it, the greater the chance of successful spells. This is enough reason for you to max your CHA upon character creation (18). Your remaining points can be assigned to the next ability that your Sorceror will depend on to have steady spellcasting (concentration) even during combat - Constitution (CON). With high enough CON, you'd also have higher Fortitude saving throws. This makes up for the pains of taking many hits because of armor-related chance of failures.

Two words: Concentration and Diplomacy. Concentration is a must to enable spellcasting even when being attacked (as mentioned in relation to CON). There's nothing more frustrating than losing spell points due to a spell failure. As for Diplomacy, you need to invest in this skill because you'd need it to get monsters/foes/beasts off your back.
Use Magic Device (UMD) does wonders especially if you need to raise a dead party member. A high UMD is a must if you play the role of back-up Cleric, or if your specific job is to raise a dead Cleric (it does happen). Or if your UMD is not high enough to raise the dead (DC 36), you can still use a Cure Moderate wand to give your members that much needed healing in the middle of a battle.

At Level 1, there really isn't much choice to start with. But Energy of the Dragonblooded 1 is a clear choice. It grants a 30 point increase to spell points. You can choose this enhancement all the way to level 12, which by that time it will grant you up to 90 points increase in spell points. Another enhancement is the Sorcerer's Charisma I (starting at Level 2), which gives a +1 increase in Charisma score. However, this could only go up to Sorcerer's Charisma III (+3). You can only select Sorcerer's Charisma II at Levels 5-7. Sorcerer's Charisma III can only be chosen on Levels 8-12. Other enhancements you choose would depend on the spells you're more inclined to specialize in.

If you want to increase the damage of your fire spells, then enhancements like Combustion or Improved Combustion would be fantastic. The same goes with electric spells (Magnetism), or cold spells (Glaciation),

With all the awesome spells available at your disposal, you might forget one enhancement that grants up to +8 bonus to Diplomacy and Concentration skills at Level 12. That of course is Skill Tactics. This boosts your Concentration and Diplomacy skills, hence lowering your chance of spell failure even more.

You get to choose feats at Levels 1, 3, 6, 9, and 12. This is a bit tricky. It all boils down (again) to what role you'll play in the group. As sorcerers generally focus on making spells more effective as they reach higher levels, it's almost imperative to choose Heighten Spell (makes your spell difficult to resist) and Empower Spell (makes spell more damaging). These 2 feats are fantastic when you're playing the offensive powerhouse of the group. In some cases, Extend Spell (spells with durations last longer) and Maximize Spell (deals double damage) are being chosen. But then not all spells have durations, so the Extend Spell may be quite limited. And Maximize Spell costs more in terms of spell points used compared with Empower, hence the latter is often preferred (plus the Improved Empower enhancement is a good complement). If you're not keen on using these, you can opt for Mental Toughness which increases your maximum spell points by 10 at first level (5 for each additional level).

If you want to scrap Extend Spell and Maximize Spell altogether, then you should get Combat Casting (+4 bonus on Concentration checks) and Mobile Spellcasting (ability to move while casting a spell), instead. Just remember that Mobile Spellcasting requires Combat casting, DEX 13, and ability to cast 2nd level spells. So, that means you can only get it starting at Level 6.

As a sorcerer, your role is defined by your spell selection. If you're inclined to choose spells that deal damage to targets, then clearly, you'll be used more as an offensive firepower. If Crowd Control (CC) is your designated job, then you have to select the appropriate spells - enchantments, charms, etc. There'll be times when your Sorcerer will play as a back-up Cleric and heal party members, especially Warforged.

Your Sorcerer gets two first level spells at Level 1, and that'll be Mage Armor (+4 armor bonus to AC) and Chill Touch (1d6 of negative damage, max of 5d6). It's not really much, but good enough to start with. Besides, you get another first level spell at level 2, and another one at level 3. A second level spell is only given to you when you reach level 4.

For early levels, two of the most popular spells are Magic Missiles and Burning Hands. They give massive damage to targets, you'd think they're the only spells you'll ever need. Well, that may be true at low levels. Of course, that can change as you go higher.

With Mod 3, Sorcerers are getting some love with all the new level 11-12 spells up for grabs: Acid Fog, Bear's Endurance (Mass), Bull's Strength (Mass), Cat's Grace (Mass), Chain Lightning, Circle of Death, Create Undead, and the list goes on. We're happy there are more choices, but the hard part is choosing those that will deal the most damage, or help the group in general.

These are just some of the things you need to consider before rolling your Sorcerer. Again, your choices (spells, feats, enhancements, skills) will define your Sorcerers role in the group. Of course, the more complicated issues of multiclassing and powerful items will be discussed in the future. In the meantime, use this guide to get your Sorcerer moving.


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