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Dungeons & Dragons Online Let Sleeping Dust Lie Quest Guide

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NameLet Sleeping Dust Lie Quest Guide
Let Sleeping Dust Lie is one of the quests in the Vale of Twilight that has gotten the players' seal of approval early in its release. There are many reasons why it became so popular early on. The simplest reason would be because the quest entrance is the closest to the Meridia gate. Plus, it would require you to go swimming to get to the entrance. This is quite a change since swimming normally happens inside a particular quest.

But what really made players want to run the quest over and over is the fact that the quest requires the party to explore the area. The quest is not your usual straightforward adventure. It allows players to actually see what's inside the dungeon rather than rush ahead. There is an element of surprise as there are possible spawn areas or points where items and monsters will appear. That means they randomly spawn. But that's getting ahead of my self. Given that the quest is different in that respect, it became an early favorite.


As with any Vale of Twilight quests, you don't need to talk to an NPC to get the quest. The quest is automatically bestowed when you reach the entrance. If you are coming from Meridia tavern and you get into the Vale entrance, you will have to jump to your left and swim across the water until you reach the northern side of Vale. Make sure you have underwater action item on because even if you can survive the way to the entrance without the item, chances are you will drown once you enter the quest. There will be a little bit of swimming to get to the dry area and on to the quest proper. Now that you know how to get there, make sure to come prepared with the right type of equipment, spell, and buffs.

There is a long list of creatures that will make an appearance in this quest. They include Ogres, Ogre Magi, Dust Mephits, Twilight Bats, Twilight Rats, Rakshasa, and Crimson Foot Spiders. Crown Control weapons such as paralyzers will definitely help. While Vorpals are the best in the game, you might want to restrain yourself from using them. Why? Because you might accidentally kill the spiders.

Having said that, the story goes that these spiders are being coerced to work for and alongside the ogres. If you can keep these spiders alive, you will stand to get an additional bonus chest at the end of the quest. There is also another optional that if you manage to kill each ogre magi in the quest, you will get another bonus chest. The spiders will attack you and the normal reaction will be to attack back, but keep in mind that if you kill 5 spiders, you won't be able to finish the quest. If you kill less than 5, you will not get the extra chest.

So, leave the spiders alone and try not to use instakill spells such as Destruction, Finger of Death, and Phantasmal Killer. The best way to protect the spiders is to kill their respective Ogre Taskmasters. Killing the ogres first means the spiders won't be able to hurt you and you can't hurt them back. Just be careful where you're swinging that weapon if you are melee, and if you are a caster, make sure you are targeting the right creature.

As for buffs, you will need True Seeing, Freedom of Movement, Fire, Cold, and Acid resists or protection. Additional AC-enhancing buffs are always useful. Crowd Control will play a big role in ensuring that the party stays alive. Otto's Sphere of Dancing is always reliable and can make the Ogres and Rakshasas dance. What's also good to know is that the spiders can be fascinated. So, if you really wanna make sure you don't kill any of them, let the bards fascinate, so the spiders will not have any reason to attack you.


Upon entering the quest, make a swim. Now, it's easy to be disoriented when in water, so what you need to do is swim towards the bottom and every time there is a path leading to the left, always take that route, and you will end up at dry land and at the start of the tunnel. Talk to the NPC to your right and start moving into the area. Your first task is to find the journal of the twelfth agent who is already dead. You will need to search the dungeon for the journal, which in turn will lead you to the main chamber and eventually give you access to the mausoleum.

If you continue moving, you will get to a room (rectangular shape in your map). This is one of the 5 or 6 possible spawn areas for the first journal. If you are lucky enough to find it at that point, don't pick it up just yet. Picking it up will cause two things to happen. First, you will have additional objectives that include "Kill no more than 5 Crimsonfoot Spiders". The next is that this will trigger the appearance of the orange-named Ogre Magi who holds the first key to open the first gate. Now, this ogre doesn't appear in the same place each time, the best bet is toward the lower tunnels of the dungeon.

As it is still very early in the quest, there is a big chance that you can accidentally kill the spiders as you explore the tunnels. So, the best thing to do is to clear the Northwest and Southwest routes and then just come back to the first journal. By now, you would have realized that the dungeon consists of tunnels that go upwards and downwards so it's easy to get lost. What you have to do is go to the center chamber and make it your take off point each time you search or clear a particular area. From the central chamber are 6 routes to search for the first book.

Upon picking up the book, you must find the Ogre Magi who will then drop the key that opens the gate to the upper levels. You need to go to the upper levels to find the second journal. You will see that the routes connect to each other, in that the South and Southeast path connect, and North and Northeast connect. This is the same for Northwest and Southwest. In short, you will find yourself back the way you came in or passed through. Each of the connecting paths is a possible spawn point for the 2nd book. This is random, so you will really need to explore and clear the routes. If you reach the Northwest and Southwest tunnels, you will see the first shrine. Sometimes the journal spawns in that shrine.

Finding the 2nd journal will again trigger the appearance of a named Ogre Magi, but this time he will spawn at the Southern Tunnels so you don't need to go elsewhere. It takes time for him to spawn, so just make sure you keep moving around the Southern tunnels. Once he is killed, he will drop a key that will open the gate to the room where the Queen is being held captive. Once you retrieve the key, unlock the Queen's cell. In this room, you will have to protect the Queen spider from Ogre attacks.

There will be a lot of Ogres that will come to attack the queen. The Queen will also try her best to protect herself and fight. Make sure to keep the Queen buffed with Stoneskin and fire and acid resists. Cast Otto's Sphere of Dancing along the path where the Ogres will be spawning so they won't be able to attack the Queen. Solid Fog and Acid Fog will also Help. Once the ogres are dancing, cast firewall at them.

There are about 4 o 5 waves of Ogres and after the last wave, a red-named Rakshaha KKomglol will appear and attack the queen. He uses fire and acid to attack. Kill him fast so he doesn't have time to deal damage to the queen. Killing him will unlock the chest next to the shrine. Get your loot and shrine up. There is still another shrine coming up so there's really no need to save this shrine.

Head back to the main chamber. If you look closely, you will notice that the cracked floor you have seen earlier has totally fallen apart. Have a rogue drop down first so he can disable the spike traps. This is just one way to get to the area. There is a lever that you can pull to open up the gate and let the others enter from the direction. Either way works, but if you need to get to the shrine, you need this passage way back.

Now, after the rogue clears the first spike trap, you can all drop down. There will be more spike traps, Ogres, and Rakshasas that will try to stop you from proceeding. You will have to wait for a named Rakshasa who carries the final key. He can spawn anywhere, so keep your eyes peeled. The key opens the door to the final room where there are spiders, ogres, Rakshasas and three runewheel puzzles. Once you get the key, don't open the final room yet if you don't know the answer to the puzzle. If you need to go back to the other rooms to find the answers, do so. There are three rooms which has the rune icon on the walls.

Here is the answer to the puzzle:

ORANGE - Resembles backwards F
BLUE - Resembles the letter H
RED - Resembles sideways H, or double Cross.

Inside the final room are ogres, spiders, and the named boss Thazgol. Remember that you can't kill more than 5 Crimson Foot spiders. Before you attack and set the runes to their proper codes, you have to setup Solid Fog to slow down the Ogres and Rakshasas. Use Otto's sphere of Dancing to make them dance. DON'T use any damaging area of effect spells such as Blade Barriers, Firewall, Cone of Cold, etc. Don't use Charm, Mass Suggestion, or Symbol of Persuasion as those affected by it might hurt the spiders.

Lead the creatures (except the spiders) to the carefully laid out crowd control so you can kill them easily. To make sure that the spiders don't move, cast Flesh to Stone on them. This way, they won't follow when you lead the Thazgol out of the room where you can kill him. Killing him will complete the quest and head on to the back of the room to get your chests. If you did the optionals, you can get as much as three chests.

The main chest will drop the Shavarath Stone of Strategy, which is needed to make your green steel item as well as get flagged in the Shroud raid. The chest will also drop Locust Hust or Chipmunk Funk. After you have grabbed your loot, head back to Meridia Tavern and get your end reward from Taaniel Badhri. You will also get a minimum of 7433 experience points on normal setting. This is good for your level 12 to level 15 characters and will definitely help you in leveling up to 16.


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